Published work

The Elusive Plague, Rosalind’s Siblings (Forthcoming)

The Engineering of Alyssa Langley, Compelling Science Fiction (December, 2019)

The Upturned Chalice, Kaleidotrope (October, 2019)

The Forest Eats, Compelling Science Fiction (December, 2018)

Meg’s Last Bout of Genetic Smuggling, Resist Fascism (November 2018)

The Alice Grey, Reckoning (May 2018)

The Death of Pax, Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation (August 2017)

The Bonesetter, Metaphorosis (August 2016)

I-Juca-Pirama and Rosegarden, Perihelion (July 2016)

Free Wi-Fi at the Bordello, Perihelion (February 2016)